Wondershare Filmora Review

Before I get into the WonderShare Filmora review proper I think that the very first thing that needs to be addressed is why Filmora has a place in the world in the first place.
Over the past few years the main overall trend has been that the average consumer level video editor has become more and more feature rich.
In many ways that is a good thing because it causes the software companies through competition, to keep striving to improve their products.
The downside is that every time they a…

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Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Review Part Two

Time to review the good and the not so good!

The Interface
What is clear in this latest version of Premiere Elements 15 is that Adobe have finally decided on a direction for the program based on the real world rather than some geeks in a lab making guesses.
Everything is tucked away unless you are using it so although you have to find out WHERE everything is tucked away, once you do the advantages become clear.
When you do click on a tool or module what you are most often presented with …

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Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Review

Back in the day AdobeĆ¢??s premiere Elements seemed to rule the world of consumer video editing software mainly because of superior marketing, not because the software was particularly good.
It was always quite serviceable and got the job done but it began to suffer from two main problems.
First of these was that it was quite obvious Adobe were focusing on the pro end of the market with Premiere Pro and that’s where the development energy was being invested.
Premiere Elements of course had reg…

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The Friday Roundup – Software Updates, Rotating Objects and GIFs

To be honest there haven’t been too many things to include this week in the Roundup except for two major releases and one in the works.

Adobe Premiere Elements 15
The first of the new releases is Adobe Premiere Element 15.
They have been pretty quiet about it so far but perhaps they are just doing a soft release ahead of a more mainstream marketing campaign later. Who knows?
Anyway I have taken a look at what they are promoting but I have yet to actually install and use it so…

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