Whenever a show is delivered to a TV network, it is run through a process called ‘QC,’ or ‘Quality Control.’ Typically this is done on the network end, and if they spot any issues, like flash frames or audio hits or access luma (image is too ‘white,’ IRE above 100) or temp footage…any number
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Online video marketing diy production servicers is one of the UK’s leading Marketing Video YouTube productions companies. We offer a range of online video production services. In partnership with Google and YouTube we create videos for your business, video advertising campaigns and personal use.

We can produce video commercials, how to videos, product reviews, personalised image slideshows and more.

We can deliver by email link download format, CD-ROM for PC use and DVD for use in a normal DVD player for video presentations and family use. We can encode your video to any format including mobile phone use.

Call us today and we can get started, by going to

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