The Friday Roundup – Editing Mistakes and Creative Transitions

5 Editing Mistakes YouTubers Make
Some really good tips here from Maliek not just on common editing mistakes people make on YouTube but also updated information that has changed over time.
For example the old rule was to absolutely ask for a like and/or subscribe near the beginning of the video and of course you had to have a snappy intro!
Nope! Not any more!
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The Friday Roundup – Engagement & Sticking to the Subject

YouTube Videos with Higher Retention Rates
This is an excellent tutorial not just on how to structure a video for greater audience engagement but also some real tips on the secret sauce to YouTube success!
That secret sauce? B-roll.
A lot of people say you are supposed to use it but they rarely give exact details on exactly how, where and why you should do it.
On top of…
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The Friday Roundup – NewBlue Color Filters and Livestreams

Corel VideoStudio – Working with NewBlue Color Filters
At this point of its development Corel VideoStudio offers some pretty impressive, almost pro grade color correction and grading tools.
Thee are in addition to some pretty good auto correct features and include a full range of Color Wheels, Histograms, Vector scopes etc. for more advanced work.
What a lot of people…
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