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Check out the prize list here: https://www.rode.com/myrodereel/prizes

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Winning BTS Video: https://youtu.be/MFZk2wmRrgU

The Asylum Groove: https://youtu.be/aysGfZyQEiM

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Does Film Analysis Take the Magic out of Movies?

Sometimes, the blue curtains in a character’s room aren’t a symbol of their depression and inescapable ennui. Sometimes, they’re just blue curtains.

My ability to enjoy movies died on a blustery autumn day in 2008. I was sitting in my very first college film class when my professor walked into the room, set down her leather satchel and bottle of Sprite, and told the lot of us: “If you want to continue to enjoy watching movies, then drop this course because I’m about to ruin movies for all of you.”

It was a film analysis class and she wasn’t lying.

For the last decade, I’ve dedicated the lion’s share of my personal free time and professional exertions on analyzing films. And it’s true, I don’t enjoy watching movies anymore—I enjoy studying them: breaking down the narrative, dissecting the visuals, hoping to uncover the “hidden meaning” behind every single one of their cinematic elements.

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The Friday Roundup – Common Mistakes, YouTube Tips and Motion Paths

How To Structure Your Videos For More Watch Time
Although the video below was intended specifically for YouTube creators I think it has a lot to offer the average person in terms of how you and I create our own projects.
I think one of the first concepts that tends to go out the window when you are immersed in an editing project is that of the viewer’s perspective.
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‘What If He Falls?’ Filmmakers Face Moral Questions of Filming ‘Free Solo’ in Op-Ed

'What If He Falls?' Filmmakers Face Moral Questions of Filming 'Free Solo' in Op-Ed

“What if he falls?” That was the central question faced by filmmakers Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin when deciding whether to document Alex Honnold’s historic climb of Yosemite National Park’s iconic El Capitan. The duo examines their own decision-making process in this recent op-ed published in The New York Times.

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