Getting the Right Video Camera Information

Beware the Internet!
So if the key to avoiding the marketing hype is to keep away from all the marketing, “Who do you ask?”
Of course there are a whole range of places online that you can use to gather and compare information about a product or group of products.
In fact the internet is by far the best place to do all of your research.
The trick here is working out…
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The Friday Roundup – Vacation Videos, Parallel Cuts and Home Setups

How to Create the Perfect Vacation Video
So, if you are designated video maker for the family holidays or just vacations in general then this is the article for you!
It is a very well written and complete step by step guide to both preparing yourself to shoot the video but also how to put the whole thing together.

Perfect Vacation Videos

5 Tips for Shooting Handheld…
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How to Make a Dynamic 60-Second Short Film

The NFS60 challenge invites you to make a short film of just one minute long. A minute is enough time to tell a compelling story, and to showcase your storytelling techniques. Consider opening right onto the conflict to hook your audience, and maybe tell a story about first love, meetings, or even life or death. Use montages and quick cuts to speed up the story. Here are…
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5 Ways to Protect Your Camera in High Humidity Conditions

A camera is susceptible to inclement weather and the type of humidity that comes with the most interesting of locales like rain forests and jungles. There are several ways to protect one’s camera in such conditions. First, it helps to acclimate the camera to the pressure and moisture of the place. Second, a great trick is to use silica gel packs to absorb excess moisture….
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EIZO ColorEdge CS2740: first CS series monitor with 4K UHD

EIZO ColorEdge CS2740: first CS series monitor with 4K UHD

The new EIZO ColorEdge CS2740 offers the EIZO quality in an accessible 27-inch monitor versatile for photos, video editing, design, and other types of creative work in resolutions up to 4K.

Announced last October and presented as a new solution to make “video production comfortable”, the EIZO ColorEdge CS2740 takes the place of the ColorEdge CS2730, offering more pixels, 10-bit input and more connections in what the company says is as an easy-to-use 27-inch 4K UHD high resolution display, which combines large production space and compactness.

The ColorEdge CS2740 is one of the monitors EIZO would show at NAB 2020, as well as other events, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, those shows were cancelled or postponed. Still, the monitor is now being shipped, so look for information regarding your contru if this is a solution that suits your needs.

With the release of the ColorEdge CS2740, a 27-inch, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) monitor for creative work, complete with USB Type-C connectivity, EIZO expands its CS series. The ColorEdge CS series is a range of monitors that include many of the advanced features of EIZO’s professional ColorEdge CG series, while also meeting the varying needs and budgets of hobbyists and prosumers.

EIZO ColorEdge CS2740: first CS series monitor with 4K UHD

Working area and toolbars

The ColorEdge CS2740 is the first in the CS series to implement 4K UHD resolution, which is four times the size of Full HD (1920 x 1080). The detail allowed ensures that high resolution content is displayed crisply. The monitor also boasts a pixel density of 164 ppi for 4K image display that has never looked smoother. Alphanumeric characters and contours are distinguished with excellent sharpness, so users can check even the finest details without needing to zoom in.

The resolution and screen size mean that users can fill the screen with both an area equal to A3, and the tools of the app being used. In fact, says EIZO, “the 27-inch screen provides ample space for easily displaying Full HD content in full, with enough space to show toolbars, palettes, and other windows or applications simultaneously. This makes the monitor versatile for photos, video editing, design, and other types of creative work in resolutions up to 4K.”

EIZO ColorEdge CS2740: first CS series monitor with 4K UHD

Effective for editing and checking video and photo

The monitor’s wide color gamut reproduces 99% of the Adobe RGB color space, ensuring images are reproduced faithfully. To counter fluctuations in brightness and chromaticity characteristic of LCD monitors, EIZO’s unique digital uniformity equalizer (DUE) corrects deviations in every tone across the screen for stable display.

The ColorEdge CS2740 supports EIZO’s ColorNavigator 7 color management software, so users can regularly calibrate and quality control their monitor quickly and reliably for predictable color results. It also supports EIZO’s Quick Color Match software, which simplifies the screen-to-print color matching process in just a few steps.

Able to display 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) high resolution, the monitor supports 10-bit input (approximately 1,073,4 million colors) for richer color reproduction, meaning there is no gradation loss or color cast, making the ColorEdge CS2740 effective for editing and checking video and photo data. Users should note that 10-bit display requires a graphics board and software that support 10-bit output. Eizo also says that for 10-bit display with HDMI connection, Deep Color compatible device is required.

EIZO ColorEdge CS2740: first CS series monitor with 4K UHD

ColorEdge CS2740 is now shipping

The now common USB Type-C connectivity is present, and it allows the monitor to display video, transmit USB signals, and supply power (60 W delivery) to a connected device, such as a smartphone or notebook PC, using a single cable. Users can simply plug in and start getting creative without worrying about additional cable clutter.

Additional Features

  • Smooth gradations with 10-bit display from a 16-bit LUT (look-up-table)
  • USB Type-C, HDMI, and DisplayPort inputs
  • Optional light-shielding hood
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

The ColorEdge CS2740 is now shipping. Date of availability varies by country so contact the EIZO group company or distributor in your country for details.