Who Are the 66 Best Directors of All Time?


How would you rank the best directors of all time?

We’ve been watching movies for over 100 years, and in that time, some of the best directors ever have created masterpieces. These are movies that shake us to our core. That examines humanity, love, loss, and friendship in new and exciting ways.

But who are the actual best directors ever? The people who have defined filmmaking as a craft and soared above all others?

We took an informal poll in the office and came up with these 67 names. They are people who have changed cinema in one way or another. These auteurs might not all be your favorites, but they represent generations of filmmakers who helped make movies what they are today.

They are in no particular order below.

If you have other ideas of who should be added, let us know in the comments. We’re always looking to expand our lists.

Who Are the Best Directors of All Time?

1. Martin Scorsese

Known for his deep characters, dark worlds, and meditations of life and death, this masterful storyteller continues to push boundaries.

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Who Are the 66 Best Directors of All Time?

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