The Friday Roundup – Bitrates, Color Grades and Cameras

Bitrate Tutorial
I was having a bit of a moment this week with someone who wrote in to me here for help with his video projects.
The person in question was having trouble getting the quality he wanted from his software for what on the surface seemed to be a pretty straightforward process.
All he was trying to do was to add some images to the timeline, some music in the background and then output it all to a high quality video file he could load onto a USB stick.
The final destination …

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Video: Giving a 120-Year-Old Lens the Gift of Autofocus

Take a look at this:

Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks. All thorughout history cameras were strictly manual focus. It wasn’t until Leica (formerly Leitz) came out with several autofocusing and sensor technologies back in the late 70s that the world saw the first AF camera. But what if someone wanted to upgrade their old manual focus lens? Well, Weird Lens master Mathieu Stern has fo…Video: Giving a 120-Year-Old Lens the Gift of Autofocus

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    Exploring the Mighty Storytelling Power of Editing

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    Editing assembles much more than clips on a timeline, it assembles information, stories, and most importantly, emotions. How does a filmmaker tell a story? Of course it starts with a script, which is then translated into pictures by a director and cinematographer, but when all is said and done, the editor has the da…Exploring the Mighty Storytelling Power of Editing

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      DVD File Structure With Notes on Recovery and Finalization

      I recently received an email from someone with some questions about DVD video discs, their files and structure and the relative safety of different methods of DVD recovery or repair.
      My reply kind of went on a bit as I am inclined to do so I thought I had better post it here so I don’t have to cover it again… I’m lazy like that.

      The Basics of DVDs and DVD Video File Structure
      So to begin with let’s clarify our terms here because this is one of the basic sources of confusion.
      When we …

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      The Friday Roundup – Equipment Envy, Bitrates and Color

      What Makes A Good Color Grade?
      It is interesting how last week’s latest and greatest, totally awesome feature so quickly fades into the distance as we have our attention placed firmly on the next big thing.
      What am I talking about here? Glad you asked!
      The “last week’s darling” is color grading and the new kid in town is 360 degree shooting, editing with a view to VR video.
      Now I have nothing against the ultimate goal of VR video, that’s just fine for what it is.
      What I do sometimes get a…

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