The Friday Roundup – Having a Plan, Histograms and Pro Editing Tips

Brainstorming, Shooting, and Posting Videos
There is one factor that generally sets apart many of the successful users on YouTube when it comes to viewing numbers and subscriptions.
That factor is that for the most part they look like they just up and had an idea for a video, or just appeared suddenly to do a video and then proceeded to naturally deliver that video in an entirely informal and friendly manner.
It’s almost as if they just popped around for a cup of coffee and a chat and happe…

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Intrigue – How far will you go ?

This may be of interest to anyone involved in the field of video editing:

  I’ve been flat out in pre production on a new Telemovie I’m shooting in Vancouver, but I wanted to share this little short film project from earlier in the year. Following on from the launch video I did for … Continue reading →…Intrigue – How far will you go ?

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    The Friday Roundup – Animated GIFs, Organizing Your Assets and Effects Tips

    Hold the Bus!
    This is a vital yet incredibly boring factor of editing you must get under control if you want to edit smoothly and not go nuts in the process.
    There many things a professional video editor is going to be doing in his or her editing process that simply do not translate to the world of amatuer or simple video editing.
    On the other hand there are things that they do, and steps they follow that have evolved over time which are applicable to all editing situations.
    Probably the …

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    AMD Takes a Different Angle on VRAM

    This looked pretty interesting when I read it and thought it was worth sharing:

    AMD has a novel approach to increasing VRAM for big VR and 3D renders: an SSD in your GPU. With the announcement earlier this week by NVIDIA of a video card with 24GB of VRAM, which is targeted specifically at the high end graphics and render market along with live VR stitching, competitor AMD has a high hurdle to jump to stay in the game. Con…AMD Takes a Different Angle on VRAM

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      The Friday Roundup – Corel VideoStudio Updates, Pinnacle News and More

      News from Corel this week that they have just released a mid-version update for their end-to-end video editing software suite, VideoStudio.
      Most editing software makers release a major version each year and supplement that version with intermittant hotfixes and patches throughout the year until the next version is released.
      For a couple of years now Corel has been doing things a little differently.
      Just so we are all on the same page, a hotfix is generally a small update to the existing ver…

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