Gymnastics Canada: From Here, We Soar

Moody lighting, tightly controlled depth-of-field, and stutter-step editing rhythms that suggest both strength and aesthetic beauty — director Jason van Bruggen, DP Stuart Cameron and editor Graham Chisholm bring their A games to this spot honoring Canadian gymnasts including Rosie MacLennan, Ana Padurariu, Ellie Black and others.


Director & Creative Director: Jason van Bruggen
Writer: Blaine Pearson
Production: DOT DOT DASH
DOP: Stuart Cameron
Aerials: Chris Bacik & Mike Reid
Editor: Graham Chisholm (Married to Giants, Arcade Edit)
Edit House: Married to Giants
FX: Trevor Corrigan // Wingman FX
Color: Wade Odlum // Alter Ego
Sound: Harry Knazan // Apollo Studios

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