‘Frivolous and Dumb’ Techniques for Writing Good Characters

Writing living, breathing characters is super hard, but these tips should definitely help.

Screenwriting is a tough gig, what with all of the story structuring, world-building, and 3 a.m. ugly crying, but perhaps the most difficult part of it is crafting interesting characters. I mean, I’m 33 and I don’t really know or understand myself in any kind of useful way, so how in the hell am I supposed to create an individual out of thin air that is as complex and multi-dimensional as I probably am?

Lucky for us, Film Riot has offered up a sample of Screenwriter Seth Worley’s video training series, Writing 201 that teaches a few “frivolous and dumb” techniques that 1.) aren’t actually “frivolous and dumb,” and 2.) will help you “Make Characters Great Again,” like coming up with lyrical, meaningful names to crafting conflict to reveal their inner voice. Check it out below:

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