Edelkrone SliderONE V2 review & HeadONE ?motorized timelapse gear

The Edelkrone SliderONE version two is a small camera slider made to capture motion-controlled video, stop motion and timelapse shots. You can watch our video review below:

The slider’s motion can be operated and adjusted by using Edelkrone’s phone application via Bluetooth. The app doesn’t require complicated pairing and is easy to understand and fast to setup. For real time motion you can simply drag your finger to the left or right and the slider will follow without a noticeable delay.

Edelkrone Phone App Android
Edelkrone phone app slider settings

How fast the slider carriage is moving depends on how far the button in the app is being pushed to the side. Variable speed and range can be recorded and saved to repeat the same motion which can be handy for visual effects work.

The motion itself is super smooth both at minimum and maximum speed which makes this slider a reliable tool.

Edelkrone Sliderone V2 Tripod Setup
The SliderONE v2 mounted on to a tripod

of its short range of 27cm it’s important to either have something very close
to the camera when using a wide-angle lens or to use a tele-photo lens for
subjects further away to maximize the motion effect.

impressive is the vertical setup which works without any issues. There are no changes
in speed, sudden bumps or jerky motion. This kind of setup can be useful to
reveal a subject or a product when doing a commercial shoot, moving slowly up
or down.

Setting up timelapse shots is surprisingly easy and doesn’t require a lot of math. You can either specify every setting manually in the app, like interval, shutter count etc. or let the slider do its own thing automatically.

Edelkrone Phone App Timelapse Android
Edelkrone phone app timelapse menu

easiest way to get good results is to set a starting and ending point, usually
each at the opposite end of the slider and then choose the shooting time, let’s
say 30 minutes as well as the shutter count, for example 240 frames which will
be 10 seconds of video in a 24p timeline. The slider needs to be connected with
the camera using a remote cable to trigger the camera’s shutter, otherwise the slider
will move but the camera won’t take any photos. The slider’s carriage will then
move a little in between shots and stop again to create motion which is
especially important when shooting at longer exposures, to avoid a blurry

A useful add-on is the HeadONE which is a 360° panning device. Because of the speed variance it’s both useful for fast and slow real-time video as well as for timelapses. It can be connected with the slider to be used simultaneously to get a variety of motion effects such as parallax. The specific angle and keyframes can be set in the Edelkrone app both in video and timelapse mode.

Edelkrone Headone
Edelkrone HeadONE panning device

devices are powered by LP-E6 batteries which last two to four hours depending
on the specific settings and use case.

The overall built quality is very high which is important when travelling a lot and shooting outdoors in different weather conditions. The slider can carry DSLRs or mirrorless setups of up to 2.3kg vertically which is pretty good considering the small size.

Edelkrone Sliderone V2 Flextilt Head 2
FLEXTilt Head 2 mounted on to the slider

it’s not always a good idea to only be able to use a product in combination
with an app, the Edelkrone app works very well and I didn’t run into any issues
during our test.

The Edelkrone SliderONE V2 is certainly not meant to be used for all kinds of shoots, because of its short range of less than 30cm and the compact size. Even though the noise of the motor is quieter compared to the original SliderONE it’s still audible which can be an issue for interview shoots. Another thing to keep in mind is that the slider comes without legs which means you need to mount it on to a small tripod to level it properly.

Edelkrone Sliderone V2 Tripod Setup Timelapse
Edelkrone SliderONE v2 tripod timelapse setup

The main
reason to get this slider is the compact size and the incredible smooth motion
as well as the slow speed which is great for product and macro shots. It’s
certainly meant for travelling and one-man bands because it doesn’t require a
lot of accessories that need to be mounted first.

Another advantage of the small size is that you can mount it almost anywhere to get a unique angle which isn’t possible with bigger sliders.

You can purchase the products by using the links below!

SliderONE v2: http://edel.kr/dk
HeadONE: http://edel.kr/dl
FlexTILT Head 2: http://edel.kr/dm

Written by filmmaker Moritz Janisch on April 8, 2019