DaVinci Resolve 16.2 Update ?The Fairlight Page

Version 16.2 of DaVinci Resolve just dropped with a myriad of enhancements (as usual) with most of them focused on the evolving Fairlight page for working with audio. In today’s MacBreak Studio, Ripple Training senior editor Travis Richmond takes us through the new features in the Fairlight page, starting with the Track tab of the Index.

You can now lock, arm, solo, and mute tracks directly in the index – no need to scroll through a long page of tracks. You can even change the order of your tracks by dragging in the index – much easier than the previous process of right-clicking a track header to move it just up or down a single space.

The new Edit Index makes it easy to locate elements in your timeline and is fully customizable. In the Mixer, effects are now organized by type with favorited effects appearing at the top for easy access. You can even monitor specific tracks without having the mixer and meters open.

You can now bounce select file(s) straight to the Finder as mono or multichannel files.

One feature that has gotten the most attention is the addition of a new royalty-free library of sound effects that you can download from the Blackmagic Design website and then access from the Fairlight page. A tip: rather than trying to locate the link directly on the website as shown in the video, use the link located in the new sound library section to get there directly.

The biggest and probably most useful change, however, is the new edit selection mode. Among other things, it allows you to make edits during playback or recording by ignoring the playhead location. It allows you to set an edit point, select a range, and still perform standard edit functions like trimming, adjusting volume, and adding fades without switching modes.

Check it all out above. If you want to master the Fairlight page in DaVinci Resolve, check out Travis’ tutorial.