Cine Gear 2019: Shot On Cooke. ? Motion Gallery

If you are a painter and you want to learn from the Masters you have to study those who came before you. Cinema is no different. It is an art, albeit a very technical art form, and to build upon the shoulders of those who came before you than you need to have seen their work. With Cooke’s new #ShotOnCooke online video gallery directors, cinematographers, and everyone really can learn the characteristics of Cooke Optics.

The brainchild of Cooke’s Director of Sales – Europe, Carey Duffy, #ShotOnCooke has been designed as an insightful, educational resource presenting professional content created with Cooke lenses from around the world, championing great cinematography and highlighting interesting case studies. The website is not a simple collection of film trailers, it goes far beyond the surface visuals and offers a unique opportunity for education, by showing the lenses in the different context they are used and the technical information needed to deconstruct the shot for yourself.


#ShotOnCooke is broken down into five main Genres: Commerical, Feature Film, Music Promo, Short Film, and Television. Each genre has sub-genres based on the Cooke lens used like Cooke 5/I, Anamorphic/I, Anamorphic/I Full Frame Plus, Anamorphic/I SF, Mini S4/I,  New Panchro Classis /I, S4/I, S7/I, and Vintage Speed Panchro.  This is helpfCookeul because you can search specifics reducing the amount of time looking for the lens or example you want to see.

If you would like to put forward an example of a production of your own or recommend one of a colleague or client for consideration please email [email protected]


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