Meet your Newsshooter NAB 2015 team

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By technical editor Matt Allard: Newsshoter will have a team of 13 people from 6 different countries covering NAB 2015. We offer a global perspective and a proven track record of giving you the most comprehensive and informative coverage. Lets meet the team: Dan Chung Award-winning photographer and videomaker Dan Chung has pioneered the use […]…Meet your Newsshooter NAB 2015 team

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The Friday Roundup – Video Cameras, Becoming a Better Director and Online Video Wars

Awesome Cameras for Video Under $1000
I NEVER get into reviewing cameras and equipment for two very good reasons.
The first is that I find the rate at which this area is developing and the sheer number of choices available simply overwhelming… I have no illusions that I can in any way keep up with it.
What’s hot this month, next month is totally outdated!
The second is that I am chronically lazy.
A weekly blog and keeping up with video editing software is more than enough excitement in my

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Redrockmicro One Man Crew gets a director

This looked pretty interesting when I read it and thought it was worth sharing:

By site editor Dan Chung: Redrockmicro’s original One Man Crew automated parabolic slider proved popular with many TV and documentary shooters looking to bring increased production value to interviews. The device can be set to move a camera repeatedly from one end to the other and back again for the duration of an interview. The …Redrockmicro One Man Crew gets a director

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The Friday Roundup – FaceBook, YouTube and Vine all Make Changes to Video

Online Video News
As of now FaceBook have begun actively trying to get their users to directly upload their videos to the FaceBook platform rather than by embedding a video already uploaded to another service like YouTube.
One of the lesser known ways they have been doing this is by giving greater exposure or importance to video uploaded directly to FaceBook.
Given the market penetration enjoyed by FaceBook historically is would be wise to get to at least know their interface and any differen

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