Davinci Resolve: How To Remove Banding From The Sky


Reading Time: 4 minutes H.264 is one of the most widely accepted codecs by online platforms. In fact, itâ??s YouTubeâ??s suggested video codec on their recommended settings page. The problem is, itâ??s an 8bit codec, and that doesn’t work well with gradients, here’s how to fix that. For the majority of exports, for online consumption, H.265 is perfectly adequate. …

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Davinci Resolve: How To Remove Banding From The SkySummer Walker & Ari Lennox Slay In Performance Of "Unloyal" | Soul Train Awards '21

Summer Walker and Ari Lenox did what needed to be done in a dynamic performance of “Unloyal.” #SoulTrainAwards #SoulTrainAwards21 #SummerWalker #AriLennox
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