The Friday Roundup – Or Should That Be the Black Friday Roundup?

Black Friday Stuff! Woohoo!… I guess. So I suppose it is probably appropriate that this week I kick off with something regarding Black Friday and Black Friday sales and discounts. Just to give you an idea of how clueless I am about such things I actually had to go to Wikipedia to look it up and work out what it is and what its origins are. Anyway I am assuming everyone else knows what it is so I won’t bore you with a historical perspective on the whole thing. About two weeks ago I started …

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The Friday Roundup – Shooting Tips, Editing Tips and a Little Color

OK! So let’s open it up this weeks with some tips on lighting. Now I know I probably bang on about it a lot or at least I am beginning to feel like I do but the things is that it is rather important. Video comes from the world of photography really and the word “photography” actually means – light writing or writing with light. In addition to its basic application in just about everything you are doing we are also now entering a period in time where the tools you can use both on the camera an…

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The Friday Roundup – Flying Cars and Sensor Breakthroughs

OK, here’s the deal. When I was a kid I would come home from school, do my chores (usually) and after 5:00 PM was permitted to turn on the TV. At the time there were the usual cartoons around from Warner Bros. and Hanna Barbera. One of my faves was always the Jetsons. Now you may be asking yourself why is he banging on about this? Good question! The things is that at that time George Jetson had a flying car. Now the clear promise being made there was that very soon we would all have our o…

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20 Tricks That’ll Save You Time in After Effects

Stumbled upon this and thought it might be of interest:

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a baby fresh noob, there are always nooks and crannies inside After Effects that have yet to be explored. And what are inside those nooks and crannies? Faster, easy, and more efficient ways to get your work done! Lucky for you, me, and everyone we know, motion graphic designer Sergei Prokhnevskiy has made a tutorial showing us how to save a bunch …20 Tricks That’ll Save You Time in After Effects

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