The Friday Roundup – LUTs Explained, Virtual Reality and Action Cam Videos

YouTube Goes 360 Degree VR!
Boy! YouTube or should I say Google really took a huge dump on a few people’s parade this week!
You may have heard of the newly emerging technology of 360 degree video shooting.
There are lot’s of places around the web where you can check it out but essentially it is video footage taken by a special array of cameras that simultaneously capture any scene at all angles at once.
That’s OK for what it is and YouTube recently announced it would be catering to anyone …

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A Massive List of Winter Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About

Take a look at this:

When it comes to getting funding for your next film, now doesn’t have to be the winter of your discontent. This 2015/2016 winter season’s list of grants and opportunities are sure to get your film financing off to a great start. The following grants, labs, and pitch opportunities are organized by deadline from mid November through February. (If you’re…A Massive List of Winter Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About

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The Friday Roundup – Teleprompters, YouTube Dreams, New Gadgets and Shutter Speeds

Teleprompter (Autocue) Basics
One of the most difficult parts of creating a video project that involves some kind of on-camera presentation is that of trying to appear natural.
For a very few people appearing on camera, remembering what to say, keeping track of where you are and all the while looking natural and relaxed is something they can just do with ease.
For the rest of us it can be a nightmare.
The beauty of this modern world of user created content is that people are no longer…

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