Redrockmicro One Man Crew gets a director

This looked pretty interesting when I read it and thought it was worth sharing:

By site editor Dan Chung: Redrockmicro’s original One Man Crew automated parabolic slider proved popular with many TV and documentary shooters looking to bring increased production value to interviews. The device can be set to move a camera repeatedly from one end to the other and back again for the duration of an interview. The …Redrockmicro One Man Crew gets a director

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The Friday Roundup – FaceBook, YouTube and Vine all Make Changes to Video

Online Video News
As of now FaceBook have begun actively trying to get their users to directly upload their videos to the FaceBook platform rather than by embedding a video already uploaded to another service like YouTube.
One of the lesser known ways they have been doing this is by giving greater exposure or importance to video uploaded directly to FaceBook.
Given the market penetration enjoyed by FaceBook historically is would be wise to get to at least know their interface and any differen

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The Friday Roundup – Posing Tricks, New Smartphone Rigs and Time Lapse Tips

Posing Tips for Subjects
Although these tips apply to everyone they REALLY apply to guys!
If you have ever tried to photograph or video guys at an event of any description you will have noticed they tend to stand there looking nervous until the pressure mounts to such a degree that they then do something stupid.
Why is this so?
What is it about guys especially that causes them to do this and what can you do to stop them from making fools of themselves?
Well fear not dear reader because the

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The Future of Resolution: 8K Reasons 4K Is Here to Stay

Take a look at this:

When they write the history of resolution, they will say the reign of 4K began in 2010, but that 2015 was the year the fog cleared and the majority of people stopped fighting. They will also say it was Google who fired the first real shots against standard high definition, citing its early support of Read More → The Future of Resolution: 8K Reasons 4K Is Here to Stay by VideoBlocks…The Future of Resolution: 8K Reasons 4K Is Here to Stay

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