The Friday Roundup – Software Updates, Rotating Objects and GIFs

To be honest there haven’t been too many things to include this week in the Roundup except for two major releases and one in the works.

Adobe Premiere Elements 15
The first of the new releases is Adobe Premiere Element 15.
They have been pretty quiet about it so far but perhaps they are just doing a soft release ahead of a more mainstream marketing campaign later. Who knows?
Anyway I have taken a look at what they are promoting but I have yet to actually install and use it so…

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The Friday Roundup – Supporting a Passion Plus Filmora and Pinnacle Tutorials

Support the Passion
I especially wanted to include the video below this week because I think it offers a great insight and some great advice not just on video editing or shooting but on life itself.
We live in a world that has become increasingly cynical and the advent of the internet and mobile communications devices has not necessarily been all good.
It is too easy these days to see bad news everywhere and to begin to believe that nothing is worthwhile.
It is also easy to see how the a…

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The Friday Roundup – Light Quality, PowerDirector 15 Tips and a Video Checklist

OK, so by including this article in the Weekly Roundup I don’t want you to get the impression that here at the I ma starting to go all technical on ya’ll!
I say this because at first glance it would seem that a tutorial about quality of light rather than just where to put them is getting a tad technical but bear with me.
I am going somewhere with this! really! One of the key differences between the amateur videographer and the pro is the subject of control and this applies…

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