XAVC Support For Final Cut Pro 7

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By Technical Editor Matt Allard There are still a lot of people using Final Cut Pro 7 even several years after the release of FCPX. Apple has long since stopped supporting older legacy versions of Final Cut. Fortunately for users of FCP7, Apple have released an update to the Pro Video Formats available in quicktime. [&hel…XAVC Support For Final Cut Pro 7

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The Friday Roundup – Holiday Discounts, Video Marketing and Effects

Wading Through the Holiday Discounts Hype I wanted to start off this week’s roundup by reiterating a point I made a few weeks ago when the internet was awash with Black Friday Specials madness. Of course Black Friday gives way to Cyber Monday and that leads us all into the shopping extravaganza that is the Holiday Season, so let me just say it all again. At this time of year I get blitzed with all sorts of special offers and enticements to mercilessly promote all manner of products on this si…

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Tim Burton on Big Eyes – DP/30

This looked pretty interesting when I read it and thought it was worth sharing:

He is one of the modern masters. And in his new film, Big Eyes, he explores the life and work of another artist, the evolution of feminism, pop culture, and so much more. Mr. Burton spoke to David Poland about the film, his career, making choices, and more.Read More…Tim Burton on Big Eyes – DP/30

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News: HBO Go Arrives On Fire TV

Saw this and thought it was worth sharing:

After nearly seven months since it was first announced, HBO Go have finally arrived on the Amazon Fire TV Platform, allowing easy access to the highly sort-after range of HBO content – as long as you jump through a pile … Continue reading →Read More…News: HBO Go Arrives On Fire TV

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The Friday Roundup – Shooting Tips, Audio Tutorials and Drones

Tips for Shooting Like an Editor I’ve probably been banging on about this for years now but you know you can’t repeat the basics often enough in my opinion. Easily the biggest problem the average amatuer video editor has at any time is that he or she is trying to polish a turd! What I mean by that is that the average person has a limited skillset with which to work in the first place. They are usually learning how to use their editing program and are not fully aware of what it can really d…

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