A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984): The Abridged Script

“I’m pretty sure loofahs aren’t supposed to be this pointy.”



AMANDA WYSS is having a nightmare.

                             ROBERT ENGLAND
               I am a dream demon.  I am going to terrify
               you with my fedora and stretch arms.

                              AMANDA WYSS

She wakes up and meets with her friends HEATHER LANGENKAMP, JOHNNY DEPP
and her boyfriend JSU GARCIA.

                           HEATHER LANGENKAMP
               I dreamed about that guy too.

                              JOHNNY DEPP
               Me too.

                               JSU GARCIA
               Me too.

                              AMANDA WYSS
               Pure coincidence.  Let us forget all about
               the scary man with finger knives and never
               discuss this ever again.

After sex with JSU, AMANDA falls asleep.

                             ROBERT ENGLUND
               Okay this time I’m going to kill you.

                              AMANDA WYSS
               Alright then.

JSU wakes up to find AMANDA being slashed up and dragged across the

                               JSU GARCIA
               How do I explain this to the cops?

                           SHERIFF JOHN SAXON
               From the inside of a cell after you sign
               this confession.

                               JSU GARCIA
                 (runs away, guiltily)

                           HEATHER LANGENKAMP
               But Daddy John, it wasn’t Jsu, it was
               the dream man with the finger knives.

                           SHERIFF JOHN SAXON
               You mean the pedo all the town’s parents
               vigilante killed years ago?  No way.  Lay
               off the smack sweetheart.

HEATHER falls asleep in class and has a nightmare.

                             ROBERT ENGLUND
               I am going to terrorize you with my ugly
               Christmas sweater.

                           HEATHER LANGENKAMP
               No thanks, I'd rather just self-harm.

She burns herself on a pipe in the dream that also burns her in the real

                           HEATHER LANGENKAMP
               Experiencing pain pulls me out of the
               dream world.  I guess getting your guts
               ripped open wasn’t painful enough to
               wake up Amanda.

Meanwhile JSU is arrested and falls asleep in his cell.

                             ROBERT ENGLUND
               I am going to terrorize you with my
               shocking lack of quips.

                               JSU GARCIA
               Hey that's not scary.

                             ROBERT ENGLUND
               What if I wrap you up in these dirty bed

                               JSU GARCIA
               Oh no, that’s my worst fear.
                 (is hanged)

                           HEATHER LANGENKAMP
               I have to find a way to stop Robby. 
               Better fall asleep again and hope I
               don’t get killed.

She does and pulls ROBERT’s pimpin fedora out of her dream and into
the real world.

                           HEATHER LANGENKAMP
               If only I had dreamed of a million
               dollars.  Anyway now I have a plan to beat
               Robby.  Johnny, I’ll need your help so
               don’t fall asleep and get killed.

                              JOHNNY DEPP
                 (instantly falls asleep)

JOHNNY falls through a hole in his bed where ROBERT has installed some
kind of wood chipper that spews a geyser of Depp-flavored blood onto the

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