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Motion Graphics Tutorial: How to Easily Create Badass Cascading Polygonal Titles

Saw this and thought it was worth sharing:

The way you choose to title your films and videos is one of the most powerful, albeit underrated, aspects of grabbing an audience’s attention. Think about it. In most cases, your titling — whether it’s just the logo of your production company or a complex title sequence for a feature film — is among the first things that the audience sees. If…Motion Graphics Tutorial: How to Easily Create Badass Cascading Polygonal Titles

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The Friday Roundup – How to Look Intelligent in an Arty Film Conversation and More!

Holding Your Own in a Snobby Movie Conversation Tired of standing around with arty film types while they bandy about words and terms you have no idea of? Sick of having that half-assed smile on your face while you pretend to have a clue about what they are saying? Fear not because the next time you are surrounded by a conversation that is beginning to lose you in a sea of strange terms we got you covered! Here’s an article outlining the meaning of some of the more common cinematic slang. Re…

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Indie Filmmaker Spotlight: Khalid Mohtaseb

I just spotted this:

Today I’m going to talk about a super talented filmmaker – director and cinematographer – Khalid Mohtaseb. Tom and I actually had a chance to work with Khalid back in 2010 when we shot together a project for the Risor Festival of Chamber Music in Norway. Back then, Khalid already had a very impressive body … Continue reading Indie Filmmaker Spotlight: Khalid Mohtaseb → The post Indie Filmmaker Sp…Indie Filmmaker Spotlight: Khalid Mohtaseb

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The Friday Roundup – Great Video on Ordinary Equipment and Annotations

I haven’t included a wide range of topics this week because, as fate would have it, there were a few posts from around those interwebs that I think needed to be expanded upon. Hopefully I won’t come across as getting too preachy about some of this stuff but really there is method to my (preachy) madness. Something About a Bad Tradesman and His Tools I have always been a great believer in the idea that it’s not the tools that make the difference, it’s the person using those tools. Shooting vi…

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The Hubsan X4 Pro Quadcopter- A DJI Competitor For Around $500

This may be of interest to anyone involved in the field of video editing:

By technical editor Matt Allard: Shenzhen Hubsan Technology is probably not a name that most people are familiar with. Based in Dongguan China they have been making remote control helicopters, planes and quadcopters since 2010. Until now, most of their product releases have been aimed more at the hobbyist rather than the film maker. This has […]…The Hubsan X4 Pro Quadcopter- A DJI Competitor For Around $500

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